Mission Statement

To serve and improve the wall and ceiling industry in the southwestern United States. Support the fundamental core that apprenticeship and training of craft workers is a benefit to everyone. To provide unbiased information to designers, code authorities and honest evaluation of materials, systems and workmanship. To be a leader in establishing best practices for the wall and ceiling industry.



The Technical Services Information Bureau (TSIB) is the technical department for the Western Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association (WWCCA) providing education and techical support to the design community, code officials, and the signatory union contractors for the wall and ceiling industry.


Are you ready for an exciting career in the technical side of the wall and ceiling construction industry? 
Do you enjoy evaluating construction assemblies, teaching construction standards
and processes and networking with other industry professionals?

The Technical Services Information Bureau (TSIB) has an opening for a Technical Advisor position. 

       Duties include;

·         Job site inspections and reports

·         Researching inquiries from Architects and Sub-contractors to construction means and methods

·         Attending meetings called for by Architects, Building Officials, Sub-contractors to discuss    
     details and installation processes

·         Researching and understanding codes and standards

If you are a self-motivated, construction knowledgeable, industry professional,
you may be just the right person to fill this position. 
Please submit your resume
here.  Interviews begin soon.